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Monday, June 12, 2017

I'm back!

Hey guys & gals! I'm back for another season of BB reporting, so catch me over at...

See y'all there!! :D

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


The BB18 season is now over, but we are lucky to have a Fall Edition (Big Brother: Over the Top) to begin in just 1 week from today! It won't be on TV, only online through CBS All Access (live feeds). I saw over on Twitter that we will have access to all the comps, live evictions, and even Diary Room sessions! How cool is that?!! :D I'm sooooo excited!! So if you haven't yet, go grab up the live feeds and be ready for next Wednesday! (Stay tuned to this blog for more details this week.)

I want to thank each and every single one of you (yes YOU!!!) for your support this season! I know a lot of y'all checked out of the season early on and I don't blame you. Some of you stuck around and made it worth it for me to continue to blog the most uninteresting BB seasons of all time. lol So thanks for that. :)

To every person who bought the live feeds through me and/or donated, it is ONLY because of your support that I was able to be here all summer long blogging as much I could. This site is and always has been 100% fan-supported and I am so humble with all your support over the past 10 seasons. From the bottom of my humble heart...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Bella and I can't wait to see you guys & gals next Wednesday for BB: Over the Top!!! :D
Jamie & Miss Bella

BB18 Finale Party

Good evening, ladies & gents!! It's here! It's here!! It's day 25,831 of this season but the finale is finally here!! :D

Tonight, we will watching Paul VS Nicole in the Part 3 Final HOH Comp, where the winner will advance to Final 2 and get to pick which HG to bring with them.

If Paul wins, expect him to bring Nicole. If Nicole wins, who knows..though Paul told her last night that if she bails on their Final 2, she loses his vote. Period. Nicole has been promising Paul all week that they're gonna be Final 2, until she brought up concerns last night. Paul told her that if he cuts her at Final 2, then she's not a respectable player and that she should've just told him all week long that she wasn't gonna take him instead of flipping the script last minute.

Nicole is really in a pickle here because if..
*She wins and doesn't take Paul, she loses his vote.
*She wins and does take Paul, he most likely wins BB18.
*She loses Part 3, Paul could cut her (for being so flip-floppy) and take James, ensuring his win of BB18.

So tonight is gonna be really interesting to see how things unfold. In my opinion, Paul has an advantage to both winning Part 3 (which is questions that the jury members answer and they have to guess what the HG said & Paul's social game was on-point and got to know everybody, unlike Nicole who was in bed with Corey for 99% of the season) and also for winning BB18 versus either N or J. The only way I see Paul getting "boned" tonight, if he loses Part 3 and Nicole takes James instead.

Okay, so tonight's Live Finale starts at 9:30pm ET and it's 1 1/2 hrs long. So meet me back here then, as I'll be live blogging tonight's BB18 Finale. Don't forget your snackies & beverage(s) of choice! :D

9:30pm ET:
Show begins...

10:00pm ET:
Vote on CBS All Accesss: either Jason or Jozea will be on BB:OTT!

10:11pm ET:
Time for the Part 3 HOH Comp!

Winner of the Final HOH is:

10:20pm ET:
Paul decided which HG to take with him to Final 2, which means that...

Evicted from the BB18 House is:

We have Paul VS Nicole for Final 2!

10:31pm ET:
Time for the jury to ask Paul and Nicole questions.

10:51pm ET:Time to reveal the winner of BB18 and America's Favorite Player!

The Votes:
*James voted for PAUL (*wow)
*Corey voted for NICOLE
*Victor voted for PAUL
*Natalie voted for NICOLE
*Michelle voted for PAUL
*Paulie voted for NICOLE
*Bridgette voted for PAUL
*Zakiyah voted for NICOLE
*Da'vonne vote for NICOLE

Winner of BB18 is:

Time for America's Favorite is:
**Stay tuned for a new post!

*Get the Feeds for the Fall Season of Big Brother Here!!*

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Day Before BB18 Finale

It's finale-eve and this season is about to come to an end. We laughed..we cried..we wanted to throw our computers out the damn window a lot. lol This season had some awesome moments (eg: Paul as a Secret Secret agent), and not so good moments (watching the whole Paulie/Z "type thing"). I, for one, am glad to see it come to an end. I've had enough of this season. lol

Tomorrow (Weds) is the BB18 finale and then we'll all have just a mere 1 week off before this Fall's edition of Big Brother "Over the Top" begins on the live feeds! I'm super excited and cannot wait for all that!! Stay tuned to this blog for all the details on BBOTT. You'll need the live feeds in order to watch the 10-week season this Fall, as it will not be shown on TV. Don't worry, BB19 will still be on TV next summer.

Okay, so it looks like we're still gonna have a Paul VS Nicole Final 2 now matter how ya slice it, as they both agreed to take each other. James is now in the know, as he overheard a conversation of theirs. He knows he messed up by getting rid of Corey instead of Nicole and he's chalking it up to a "f*ck up". In a Paul VS Nicole scenario, I do believe that Paul will win, but we'll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow night.

EDIT: literally as I was posting this, Nicole was talking to herself on the feeds about how she's torn between taking Paul or James if she wins the 3rd round tomorrow night. She said to herself that she knows she'd lose to Paul but her heart wants to take him, as her mind wants to take James because she'd win against James. Oh boy.

EDIT 2: Yep, it looks like she's taking James if she wins Part 3 Final HOH. Paul better win Part 3 or he's toast.

Tomorrow is the BB18 Finale. That's it! Done. Finished. Game ovahhhh. ;)

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